WINN Design: Home and Garden Tour Property Preview!

Tucked away in unexpected places there are unique historic properties throughout Arlington and Falls Church. So when WINN Design + Build received a call from the owners of The Birch House, a stop on the Virginia Civil War Trail, it was a once in a lifetime chance to enhance a piece of the American story.

The project was to create a stand-alone in-law suite which would honor the historic traditions of the original home while adding a beautiful structure with touches of old and new. Every contingency was addressed as the team set out to work with the family and the Historical Architectural Review Board to create what they came to call the Pool House.

“The principal goal was to not detract from the historic structure,” explained Michael Winn, Owner and General Manager. “We knew the scale and proportion was critical as it would sit closer to the road and have an impact on the overall visual impact of the property.”

Another important part of the process was to address the needs of the future inhabitants—the parents of the property owners. The father is a retired industrial arts teacher and has an extensive collection of professional tools—creating a suitable work space was an important part of the process. As the design came together, the final product became a three level structure with a full basement and a loft. The main level has a bedroom suite, kitchen and family room. Gorgeous wrought iron details throughout are both structural and decorative and add a slight industrial feel to the bright open spaces.

So, if you want to see a site that once served as a make-shift civil war hospital and has now been given new life, make sure to get your tickets now for the 2017 Tuckahoe Home and Garden Tour at And, take a few minutes to check out other WINN design homes at—a Platinum Sponsor for this year’s tour as well as Arlington Magazine’s best remodeler in 2014.