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Effective Home Staging: Top 5 Tips from Shepard and Fong Realtors

Shepard and Fong, Associates at Keller Williams Realty City Wide, is a highly-trained group of realtors serving Arlington and the Metro Washington area. As Arlington residents themselves, Matt Shepard and Kathy Fong are plugged into the local community not just in terms of real estate, but also on a grassroots level. They know where the food trucks are located, what special events are happening, what the community shelter needs.

In addition to knowing the inside track on the communities they serve, Matt and Kathy meticulously stage their listings and keep a fresh inventory of furnishings to bring out the best in every property they list. That first visit always evokes a strong emotional response. They want the house to look like a home the minute a client walks in the door. According to Kathy:

“The heart of our practice is to present our listings to the public in a way that helps them identify and see themselves in the property.”

What makes a house feel like a home to prospective buyers? Read Shepard and Fong’s top 5 tips for effective home staging:

  1. Know your audience. Staging a condo in Clarendon will require a different approach than a Craftsman in Berkshire Oakwood. These properties will attract a different consumer, with different goals and preferences in mind.
  2. Simplify. Living in a home is different from selling a home. Remove all of the photos on the staircase and eliminate the clutter.

    Image: stairway before and after

    Stairway before and after staging

  3. Harmonize. Choosing the right paint colors can pull furniture and accessories together to give a purposeful design scheme. Use caution with bold colors as it can make a home look choppy and cartoonish. Removing the wallpaper, painting the walls a neutral color and updating the furnishings can make a world of difference.

    Image: Dining room before and after staging

    Dining room before and after staging

  4. Balance. Staging in a home should provide an idea, not the answer. Remember to keep the fine qualities of the home in mind and not showcase the furniture. Less is often more and will allow a buyer to see themselves living in the home.
  5. Single purpose. Refrain from using multi-purpose uses in one bedroom. For example, keep restful areas separated from home office.

Shepard and Fong LogoPlease visit the Shepard and Fong website at www.shepardfong.com to learn more about how they can help you buy or sell your home. Be sure to mention you read about them here!

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